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Road to RESoft™

We're a team of tech enthusiasts, real estate brokers, and agents who are committed to delivering the most comprehensive and all-inclusive RE software solution. We're obsessed with creating a seamless user experience, which is why we've developed everything in-house. Unlike other software that relies on third-party integrations, our solution goes above and beyond to maximize efficiency and satisfaction.

Our motto, "Good is not good enough only Great is," reflects our commitment to excellence. We believe that every user deserves the best possible software, and we strive to deliver just that. To discover the absolute best in RE Brokerage software, we encourage you to arrange a demonstration with our team today.
Road to RESoft Timeline
Our journey to RESoft™ began with the establishment of the software company, HIS, which attained market dominance by capturing 47% market share. Subsequently, our next venture, Amkai, achieved an impressive market penetration of 83% as of 2019. Along this path, we garnered multiple accolades and awards, including two software excellence awards from Microsoft.

These experiences have been invaluable in shaping the creation of RESoft™. Recognizing the inadequacies within the real estate software industry in providing a seamless, all-encompassing solution, we resolved to address this gap. The culmination of our collective knowledge and understanding has resulted in the development of our most advanced, best software to date, RESoft™.

Our vision is clear: to offer the most comprehensive real estate software solution available, free from integration requirements or dependency on third-party components. We are committed to ensuring that our software stands out for its efficiency, providing a diverse array of powerful tools designed to support real estate brokerages and their agents.
Our Mission

Our mission

  • To deliver an all inclusive real estate brokerage software solution.
  • To refuse to accept “good enough”, but deliver only GREAT to our clients.
Our Promise

Our promise

  • To deliver the best that technology can offer to make our clients’ work easier, more efficient, and more profitable.
  • To continually listen to our clients’ evolving requirements and needs.

The Management

Peter Sereny

Peter Sereny M.D.,F.L.M.I.

CEO, Chairman

Peter is the Founder of RESoft™. He has a distinguished career as a computer engineer and physician. Peter is considered as a leader in the software industry having founded two highly successful software companies, HealthIS and Amkai, both achieved market segment dominance. His single minded dedication to RESoft™ is felt throughout the organization.

Zsolt Nagy

Zsolt Nagy Ph.D.

Senior VP, CTO, Development Manager

Having taught computer system technology at a university, and having managed large interconnected/interacting systems, I’ll contribute my experience to ensure that our systems keep up with technology and security. I also have an active role in ensuring that our software architecture is robust, providing state of the art mobile experience.

Derek Merman

Derek Merman

VP Client Services

As VP of Client Services I am responsible for our clients’ experience, ensuring best outcomes through successful adoption and use of RESoft™. Prior to joining RESoft™, I worked in real estate data mining and project management. My goal is to listen to our clients to ensure that their experience reflects the utmost standards of service and quality.

Tamas Gamsz

Tamas Gamsz

VP Development

Technology is evolving in a rapid pace. My goal is to ensure that my Team implements those advances that will positively impact the experience of our users. We invest equal effort to ensure safe, reliable, and easy operations. We seek user suggestions to constantly improve RESoft™. We never rest on our laurels, but strive to improve every day.

Diana Toledo

Diana Toledo

VP Mobile Systems

As manager of mobile services and communications, I strive to keep up with new and evolving technologies, so that we can deliver the easiest to use, most seamless software possible. With accelerated move to mobile devices our solution has to have broad functionality, yet easily manageable on various devices.

Jeno Haraszti

Jeno Haraszti

VP Data Systems

As Vice President of Data Systems I am responsible for the acquisition, management, transformation, storage and effective use of data, including data-mining, reporting and AI. RESoft™ foundation, its database solutions must operate reliably, meet performance KPIs, and provide comprehensive data to meet and exceed our clients’ needs.

Aron Sereny

Aron Sereny Ph.D.

Senior VP

Aron cofounded HealthIS with Peter, and was its CTO. The success of HealthIS, and its market dominance was in a good measure the result of Aron’s leadership as CTO. Subsequently Aron joined Amkai as its CTO. He is a legendary software project management and development professional. Aron is a Ph.D. Engineering graduate of Columbia University.

Zoltan Ladanyi

Zoltan Ladanyi


As Vice President and senior designer, I’m responsible for the look and feel of RESoft™ online and mobile presentation. My mission is to ensure that our users have a great experience by introducing the latest technologies that make the interface intuitive and easy to use. I always keep in mind our motto, “good is not good enough… “.

Rolan Sereny

Rolan Sereny

VP, end-user R&D

Rolan is a tenured, highly successful Broker with many years of experience in the New York and Florida markets. He is the Co - Founder of Brick&Mortar LLC, a boutique NYC Brokerage. He is also the founder of the S&S Team. He contributes his vast practical knowledge and experience to the development, enhancement, and finetuning of the software.

Please call us if you have any questions, or would like a demonstration. We’d love to show you what RESoft™ can do for you and your agents!


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