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A one-of-a-kind, end to end software solution designed to make you the go-to broker, manager, or real estate agent.
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Complex Under the Hood, yet Drives Like a Dream

Although RESoft Enterprise contains a carefully selected cadre of components to ensure you can do absolutely anything and everything your job requires with speed and professionalism, it’s beyond simple to operate, with almost all daily activities at your fingertips on the dashboard.

RESoft Enterprise Simple

Easy to Use

Because every person on the team gets a personalized dashboard, each person deals only with exactly what he or she needs-nothing more, nothing less. That’s why this software solution is so easy to use, despite the powerful, high-performance engine that powers it.

RESoft Enterprise Responsive


Use RESoft Enterprise-with full functionality-from wherever you like. It’s optimized to work equally well on all devices, from smart phones to tablets to laptops to desktop computers, no matter what you’re doing (from searching listings to handling documents and getting signatures).

RESoft Enterprise Responsive


We implement ongoing testing and attention to detail to ensure RESoft Enterprise is as easy and intuitive to use as possible. In addition to continuous testing, we’ve implemented state-of-the-art context-sensitive help, so every user is fully supported.

Most popular features

RESoft Enterprise’s modular design gives you the power to select the features you use most often, and the ability to add and delete them as you go. The result: a perfectly customized software solution that meets your precise needs! Here, we’re sharing the features our customers love most. (Note: You can also request a demo to see all our powerful features in action.)

RESoft Enterprise CRM

Client Relationship Management

Our comprehensive client relationship management tool ensures you are always there for your clients, providing them with the kind of support they’ll appreciate (the kind that inspires them to refer their friends to you). It makes your life easier, too, thanks to daily task lists, alerts, client-specific action steps, integrated email and texting, and client history. You’ll get “Pathways” (to-do lists) specific to each client type, so you’ll never miss a step, as well as built-in automated marketing (with the purchase of our Marketing module), which allows you to send holiday and birthday greetings as well as personalized listings. This module also allows team sharing, so you can work seamlessly together—providing clients with a seamless experience.

Daily tasks list


Client specific to-do lists

Team sharing

Market Analytics

If there’s one thing that will impress your clients, it’s the ability to provide them with comprehensive, real-time market statistics and reports they can use to make informed decisions. Featuring extensive property detail, map selection tools, listed and sold properties, client-friendly reports, and automated property comps—and export capabilities for further analysis—our market analytics feature will dazzle your clients and contacts.

Extensive property detail

Map selection of area

Listed and sold properties

Client friendly reports

RESoft Enterprise Market Analytics
RESoft Enterprise Forms/Docs


This feature will lighten your workload! We included built-in, easy-to-use tools that give you smooth and easy forms and documents management. You’ll have at your fingertips client-specific form packs, and you can prepare new documents and transaction specific custom forms and documents with auto-completion. RESoft Enterprise even includes transaction-specific forms and certified esignatures, which means you can always keep transactions moving forward.

Certified eSignatures

Custom forms/docs

Easy form/doc creation tool

Transaction specific forms

No, that’s not all

Discover more awesome features


Our marketing module empowers you to stay connected with your clients and prospects in ways that seem personalized and professional to them, yet are quick and easy for you. Automate your marketing with custom print materials, email templates, social media posts, and more. You can Import and customize images or use built-in templates. The bottom line: we make it easy for you to build and maintain relationships-which are the backbone of your business.


Dial in on exactly what’s working (and what isn’t) in your brokerage with our comprehensive, detailed, flexible agent and management reports. Export vital information to guide you in decision-making and planning as you move your brokerage forward.


Meet the industry’s first real estate accounting system with transactions fully interlinked with real estate deals, agents, and clients. It’s everything you need, all in one place! You’ll have the capability to view financial information specific to a single office location or on a corporate scale (across states, cities, and offices).


We consider ourselves at the forefront of real estate software, and this is one of our favorite features! If you’ve ever wondered what the cash flow will be next week, next month, or beyond, you’ll love this module: the industry’s first AI-based forecasting solution! This revolutionary component of RESoft Enterprise provides you with forecasting based on real-time and historic consideration of probabilities.


If you’re a manager or broker, this module will save you so much time and increase your peace of mind! RESoft Enterprise offers full personnel management, at your fingertips. From commission history, marketing budget, and team management to reminders of required certifications and license expiration, and even automated Independent Contractor agreements, you can rest easy knowing everything is in one place.


Keep your finger on the pulse of local and national real estate, thanks to MLS bidirectional feeds and bidirectional API for data sharing with your website and other applications. We also include syndication to important local and national sites.


We take your security, and that of your team, seriously. That’s why we incorporate certified security measures into our applications, with almost 2,000 custom-settable security checkpoints allowing user/role-specific functions and displays. We also have a dedicated security officer on staff to give you peace of mind.

AI-Driven Adaptations

We want RESoft Enterprise to work for you. That’s why the application learns from and adapts to user habits. AI runs in the background for many of RESoft Enterprise’s functions, evolving to make your experience as seamless and efficient as possible.

Please call us if you have any questions, or would like a demonstration. We’d love to show you what RESoft™ can do for you and your agents!


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